On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Illusory and it’s products. If you have any questions/issues that can not be found here or anywhere else on this website or in my in world profile, please feel free to contact in world. (For more contact info, please read the Contact / Customer Service page http://illusorystore.blogspot.com/p/contact-info_857.html


Q. I purchased an item and never recieved it, can you send it to me directly?
A. Yes I can, but I don’t always log in on a daily basis. You can request an instant redeliver via redelivery terminal in store. It’s fast and easy to use so I do suggest you try using it and get familliar with it. Locate one of the MANY terminals in store (they are located on the walls) touch it, a list of purchased items will drop down in a menu. Find the item you need redelivered and click on it. The item will then be sent to you, it’s that simple! If the item can not be found in the terminal list, then please send a copy of your transaction info to Illusory Resident or Crushed Clarity.

Q. I accidently purchased the wrong color/item/skin…can I have my money back or make an exchange for the one I want?
A. No, not under any circumstances (other than double purchases of the exact same item) can you make an exchange or have a refund for a purchased item. I do understand mistakes happen, lag happens etc. but please try and understand it from my end as a store owner. All Illusory items are no transfer, so there is no way for you to hand those items back to me for an exchange/refund like you would if you were to walk into an RL store. It works the same way in sl. If you can not hand me the items back then I can not give you your linden back or an item in its place. There is a process to purchasing my items, a number of clicks to make sure you want to make that purchase. Please make sure you are more careful when prompted to make your purchase, read the item name before clicking ok. If it is a skin or hair you are purchasing, there are demos in store to try. Try them on to make sure you are happy with that item before buying it.

Q. I purchased the same item twice! Can I have a refund/exchange for the second purchase?
A. YES! You can have a refund or exchange for items that have been purchased twice. The purchase must be for the exact same item (name, color, etc) and the request must be sent to me within the first 48 hours. Simply send the transactions for both purchased items to Illusory Resident or Crushed Clarity and it will be taken care of it as soon as someone is available.

Customs / Perms

Q. Can I order custom skins?
A. No, I do not do custom orders for anything. I simply do not have the time, sorry.

Q. Can you build me a store?
A. No, I rarely do custom builds. When I do it’s usualy for friends/people I know that have been asking me for a very long time to build them something. I simply do not take on random projects like a custom build.

Q. Can you change the perms on this item I purchased or edit it for me?
A. No, all Illusory items are sold as is. I will not change perms or do custom edits.

Exclusive Items / Group Gifts

Q. I saw this past gift/exclusive on a blog/someone in sl, but do not see it in store. Can I buy it from you deirectly?
A. No, I do not hand out past gifts or exclusives simply because it takes the value of them away and defeats the purpose of being an exclusive or exclusive group gift. If you don’t want to miss out on future gifts or limited time exclusives, you can always choose to join the in world group or watch my flickr and this blog for upcoming exclusive/gift releases.

Q. I want the group group gift but I don’t want to pay to join the group because I do not have the money. Will you give it to me or let me join for free?
A. No, Im sorry but these gifts are given to dedicated group members. These are customers that follow Illusory, buy Illusory products, and in many cases even thanked me for simply making releases for Illusory. My way of saying thank you, is to make them special exclusive gift items. So I will not hand them out, if you want them you must be a group member. If you can not afford to pay the fee to join, then please think about coming back to join when there are no gifts out in store. The group is free to join so long as there are no gifts available at the time.

Hunts and Events and More

Q. Are you interested in being a part of my hunt/event?
A. Sure I’m interested. Please note, I do get quite busy and may not have time to take part in sl events, but please do sent me your hunt/event info and a list of participating stores.

Q. Will you sponsor my club/team?
A. No, I do not do any kind of sponsorship unless it is strictly for a good cause such as a charity event for RL charities.


Q. Will you rent at my store, mall, club etc.?
A. Depends, I do not usualy feel the need to rent anywhere. However if you have something truely special and origial to offer me than I may concider it. I will not concider clubs, sorry. I just have no interest in clubs or most malls.