Product Info.

All Illusory products are designed by Crushed Clarity aka Ivy Graves with the exception of the following tattoos: Duck Frenzy, Lucky Bastard, Stars Addiction, and Pumpkin Pie (designed by Maschinen Schwartzman 2009) . Illusory does NOT use templates or premade sculpts. All clothing, textures and sculpts are made using Photoshop CS5 and Zbrush.

- We will not sell you our clothing as templates.

- We will not sell you our sculpts.

- We do not do custom builds, texturing, editing, or scripting

- All Illusory products are sold AS IS.

- All Illusory Items are to be kept within the second life grid.

- Botting of Illusory items is NOT ALLOWED, even if it's for personal use.

- All Illusory products are either Mod/Copy only or Script/Copy only unless otherwise marked.

- We will not change the perms on any item for any reason.